It is totally free from corrosion, it offers nearly twice the strength of stainless steel at almost half the weight. In few words: Corrosion resistance, lightness, durability, strength.
These are the characteristics that make it the undisputed leader among building materials (when the above mentioned specific features are required).

Currently used mainly in aeronautical and medical applications and in some automotive sectors, it would be extremely effective in the nautical world in terms of reducing the weight of yachts in favour of performance, efficiency and consumption.
Despite its not easy availability and its quite high cost (if compared to aluminium and stainless steel), I-Carbon, thanks to the support of a partner specialized in the supply of titanium and special metals, wanted to use it in some components of its own production.
This is to guarantee its products a strong technological innovation and an unprecedented added value (in terms of strength, lightness and durability), while trying, at the same time, to limit the economic impact on the final price as much as possible.

It should also be noted that at “the end of its lifecycle”, titanium is easily recoverable and 100% recyclable.