The new telescopic awning pole in carbon fibre made by the I-Carbon Company is born: compact, light and practical.

Here at I-Carbon, we’re going fast forward with innovation and new products. Today we’re proud to presents a new, intelligent and sophisticated product: the telescopic awning pole. The I-Carbon telescopic awning pole has been created to overcome the stowage problems that may arise on medium-sized boats with poles longer than 170/180 cm, guaranteeing lightness and maximum functionality.

The telescopic awning pole consists of two carbon tubes, which slide one inside the other, guided by Delrin bushings. The total length when not in use is about 140 cm, the total length with the pole extended reaches up to 220 cm. The larger diameter tube is installed on the deck using the standard base, the smaller diameter tube slides inside: to remove it and bring it to the working position it must be rotated 90 ° to the right (or to the left) and extended to the maximum position, then rotated backwards and positioned at the stop. The poles are the same we use in the standard system; the post is made of prepreg carbon fibre, with multiple layers of unidirectional and bidirectional fibre, with a clear glossy finish and UV protection. The fitting is the same used in standard poles, with a 2:1 or 4:1 hoist depending on the size.

Two standard versions of the telescopic pole are available:

– Tube with diameter Ø 66 mm and length 210 cm

– Tube with diameter Ø 86 mm and length 220 cm


Intermediate heights are possible, between 180 and 220 cm


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