Our mooring system pushes the boundaries of innovation and design of marine hardware. We conceived a new kind of pop-up cleat, combining stylish design, functional shape, high strength and cutting-edge technology.
The curved shape and smooth edges allow an easy clamp of the mooring line, avoiding rope consumption. It means no more ropes damaged by sharp edges. The top part of the cleat is made of light carbon fibre, by innovative SMC moulding technology. All the fittings and deck base are made of CNC machined titanium, to offer the best strength, lightness and keep it totally free from corrosion. It is the stronger and lighter cleat on the market (compared with others of the same size). You can install this cleat on every kind of deck surface, composite, GRP, aluminium, steel, or wood. It is easy to install onboard and does not require drainage due to the O-ring seal between the stem and the cylinder.

Forged carbon cleat

Mooring pop-up cleat, made of SMC moulding carbon fibre and CNC milled titanium.
A new design, for a cutting-edge product, with a strong focus on innovation technology, reliability and sustainability.

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  • outstanding and sleek design
  • smooth edges
  • carbon fibre top cleat
  • clear matte / or glossy finish coating
  • titanium fittings
  • totally free from corrosion
  • extremely light-weight and strong
  • high load capacity
  • watertight stems
  • no drains required
  • easy installation
  • low maintenance
  • functional, reliable, seaworthy
  • made in Italy

Construction  & accessories:

  • top cleat made by CF SMC moulding
  • clear matte / high gloss coating
  • CNC machined Grade 5 titanium for structural parts
  • backing plate available on request

part number material length (mm) depth (mm) weight (Kg) working load (daN)
CC200 carbon/titanium 200 55 0.5 2200
CC270 carbon/titanium 270 68 1.1 4000
CC350 carbon/titanium 350 80 2.0 6000
CC420 carbon/titanium 420 95 3.9 12000

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    Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.