On medium-sized yachts, we may have storage problems, due to the length of the poles, with tubes longer than 170/180 cm.
To overcome this issue, we conceived and manufactured a new kind of carbon pole: a telescopic pole. The telescopic awning pole consists of 2 carbon tubes, sliding one inside the other, led by Delrin bushings. When retracted the length is about 140 cm, and when deployed, it is 210 or 220 cm, depending on the size of the tube. The larger tube gets installed on the standard deck base, fixed on the deck. The smaller tube slides inside. To deploy the pole, you have to turn 90° right (or left) the inner tube and extend it up to the top and then turn 90° back until it sits into place. The fittings and hardware are the same as the standard awning poles, with 2:1 or 4:1 tackle and low friction rings. Patented system. The awning is made of mesh fabric, type Soltis 86®.

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  • Carbon fibre poles
  • UV protective clear coating
  • Extremely lightweight and strength
  • Available size: Ø 66 mm, Ø 86 mm
  • Minimum length when retracted, 1400 mm
  • Internal tackle with Dyneema rope and low friction rings
  • Patented device
  • Quick and easy handling
  • Wide colour choice for the awning

Construction  & accessories:

  • Pre-preg autoclaved carbon fibre
  • Dyneema and AISI316L fittings
  • Storage bag
  • Backing plate for deck base (included)

Two standard sizes are available: tube Ø 66 mm diameter, 210 cm length, tube Ø 86 mm diameter, 220 cm length. We can realize custom length (between 180 and 220 cm)

part number description material diameter (mm) length (mm) weight (g) max suggested surface (m2)*
IP 6600 deck socket AISI316L Ø 66 800
IP 6621 t telescopic pole carbon fibre Ø 66 2100 3200 20-25
IP 8600 deck socket AISI316L Ø 86 1000
IP 8622 t telescopic pole carbon fibre Ø 86 2200 3200 28-30

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    Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.