We finally entered the production stage of our new quick-mount devices.  We started with the medium size (Q 32) and following this first batch, we will extend the production to the other sizes.  Our flush deck quick-connect system offers a wide choice of configurations and workloads, for multiple uses, on sailboats, powerboats and superyachts. From the smallest model, suitable for attaching fenders, drops, retainers, to larger models, with high load capacity, which can be used to stop curtains, halyard, to deflect sheets or as a simple removable eyebolt.

The pivotal feature of the system is the use of a single deck base on which different types of hooking can be fitted according to the need for use and load. The particular release system with the side button keeps the upper part of the coupling free to be used in many applications. The bases are available in 4 sizes and are completely watertight, requiring no drainage.


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