The I-CARBON retractable cleats are unique on the market in terms of design and technological innovation, but also for the possibility of customization at a convenient quality/price ratio. They are composed of a base flange, which allows anchorage on deck, two titanium pins, which allow the lifting and use, and a top, which is the most aesthetically relevant part, characterized by a unique design, refined and exclusive.
Thanks to a recess in the lower part of the top of the cleat, which hides the base flange when the head is lowered, it is possible to customize the top, thus developing an original and unique design, without prejudice to all the other standard components.

In this way, having only the foresight to respect the constraints of the distance between centres of the pins and the dimensions of the recess, it is possible to manufacture an exclusive bollard, with a unique design as if it were a fully custom product but at a considerably reduced price, almost like a standard series cleat.
The shipyard or the design studio, can develop its own design, according to the chosen size, and send the 3D file that will then be analyzed and engineered by I-Carbon to achieve the machining path.
It goes without saying that with large purchase numbers, costs will be greatly reduced.


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