Our flush deck quick-connect system offers a wide choice of configurations and workloads for multiple uses, on sailboats, motorboats and superyachts. 
From the smallest model, suitable for attaching fenders, ropes, retainers, to larger models, with high load capacity, which can be used to stop curtains, halyards, to deflect sheets or as a simple removable eyebolt. The biggest model of the series is dedicated to large boats and can be equipped with steel or carbon stanchions, making the system completely removable and easy to install for all applications onboard superyachts: helipad, foldable terraces, areas to be provisionally secured.

The pivotal feature of this system is the use of a single base on which different types of hooking can be inserted according to the need for use and load. The particular release system with a side button keeps the upper part of the coupling completely free to be used in many applications. The bases are available in 4 sizes and are completely watertight, requiring no drain connection below the deck. There are 3 options available for the male plugs. See the reference table for all possible combinations. Both the base and the male are made of AISI316 stainless steel. The standard finish is high gloss polished; available on request with a satin finish, through shot-peening treatment. The textile fitting is made of high-performance fibre; Dyneema® sk99 for the core, Dyneema® sk78 for the cover. It is possible to make the same products in grade 5 titanium, on request.

Only the imagination sets a limit to the possible use of this system, practical and quick to use, which leaves the deck free and clean when it is not in use.

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  • outstanding and sleek design
  • high load capacity
  • free from corrosion
  • no drains required
  • easy installation
  • low maintenance
  • functional, reliable, seaworthy
  • made in Italy

Construction  & accessories:

  • CNC machined AISI316 stainless steel
  • high glossy/satin finish
  • Lashing made of Dyneema® SK79 / SK78
  • CNC machined titanium on request

part number description material finish family type diameter (mm) weight (g) working load (daN)
Q 2601 deck socket AISI316 polished Q26 M26 x1.5 165
Q 2621 soft padeye AISI316/Dyneema® polished Q26 110 300
Q 2631 M4 thread mount AISI316 polished Q26 110 400
Q 3201 deck socket AISI316 polished Q32 M32 x1.5 260
Q 3211 padeye AISI316 polished Q32 190 1200
Q 3221 soft padeye AISI316/Dyneema® polished Q32 170 500
Q 3231 M6 thread mount AISI316 polished Q32 150 1300
Q 4501 deck socket AISI316 polished Q45 M45 x1.5 720
Q 4511 padeye AISI316 polished Q45 440 2000
Q 4521 soft padeye AISI316/Dyneema® polished Q45 410 1200
Q 4531 M8 thread mount AISI316 polished Q45 390 2200
Q 5201 deck socket AISI316 polished Q 52 M52 x1.5 1160
Q 5211 padeye AISI316 polished Q 52 780 3000
Q 5221 soft padeye AISI316/Dyneema® polished Q 52 750 2500
Q 5231 M8 thread mount AISI316 polished Q 52 720 3000

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    Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.