Our mooring system pushes the boundaries of innovation and design of marine hardware. We conceived a new kind of flush-mounted cleat, to be installed recessed into the deck, combining original design and functionality (patent pending). 
This originally designed cleat is mounted recessed, flush with the deck and remains completely hidden when in the resting position. As a flush-mounted cleat, it has some innovative features that make it an ingenious alternative to existing products and facilitates installation and maintenance. This cleat is waterproof and does not require drainage. This means that there is no need for access from underneath to connect the drain. Installation can be done from outside, without reaching under the deck. It just requires the recess and the holes for fixing screws and for the stems. It is secured with 8 countersunk screws that remain hidden below the cover flange. The sliding parts can be dismantled from above for maintenance or eventual replacement, without the need to completely remove the cleat from the hull. The stems are independent and can be used in pairs or separately. Can be used both as a cleat and as a fairlead.

It is also available in a single stem version so that a customised top can be configured with 2, 3 or more elements, also choosing the distance between one and the other. The components are made of CNC marine grade aluminium or AISI316L stainless steel, with structural parts in grade 5 Titanium. The standard finish of the aluminium is silver, black available on request. The finish of the stainless steel is polished. It can also be shot peened. It is possible to customise the dimensions and structure to make customised cleats.

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  • outstanding and sleek design
  • marine grade aluminium / AISI316L
  • grade 5 titanium shaft
  • free from corrosion
  • light-weight and strong
  • watertight, no drains required
  • easy installation
  • low maintenance
  • functional, reliable, seaworthy
  • made in Italy

Construction  & accessories:

  • CNC machined aluminium or AISI316L
  • anodising or polishing finish
  • CNC machined Grade 5 titanium for structural parts
  • Installation screws included

part number material length (mm) depth (mm) weight (Kg) working load (daN)
CF240 aluminium/titanium 240 193 3.1 2800
CF300 aluminium/titanium 300 223 4.6 4300
CC330 aluminium/titanium 330 250 7.5 6600

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    Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.