I-Carbon opens the nautical year with clever design innovations that make it easy and safe to navigate and live on board. The Italian-based company, always at the forefront of research and development and continuous innovation, will present a world preview of its new deck fillers, stanchion system, and a unique invisible cleat – along with some other accessories – at the METS TRADE fair to be held, as usual, in Amsterdam from the 15th to the 17th of November.

The brand new I-carbon deck fillers are unique in their design, with an asymmetric handle that gives them a more technical and racy ‘automotive’ look. They are easy to open and close, safe in every sailing condition, and strong because they are made of marine-grade aluminium or AISI316L stainless steel.

The I-Carbon stanchion system consists of 3 types: fixed stanchions (to be permanently installed on board), removable stanchions with a quick lock coupling system and removable stanchions with a bayonet coupling system. The stanchions are made of carbon fibre tubes and AISI316L stainless steel bottom end.
– The “fixed” type has a terminal with a threaded pin to be screwed directly into the deck. It can be fastened from below by means of a nut or it can be screwed onto a threaded counterplate prepared on the hull.
– The removable “quick lock” type uses the I-Carbon quick connect fittings for the base on the deck and for the male plug that carries the carbon tube.
– The removable “bayonet” type has a special deck socket to be mounted on the boat and a bayonet coupling device that engages with a 90° rotation.
The stanchions are available in 3 sizes, with tube diameters of 33 mm, 45 mm, 66 mm depending on the Client’s needs and their specific use onboard, considering also the dimensions of the boat and its regulations.

Another I-Carbon world preview will be a fully retractable cleat, which is mounted recessed and that goes flush with the deck/teak line making it totally invisible.
Among its many unique features, the most evident is the refined design, the fact that it requires no drainage, and that it can be fitted from the outside, without necessarily having to access the inside.
In addition to these main products, we will show other clever deck accessories that can fit on every boat.

Come to visit us at METS TRADE at HALL 2, BOOTH 02.120 to discover more and to see the products with your own eyes.

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