We developed a new removable stanchion system made of carbon fibre tube and AISI316 stainless steel fittings. We used the quick-mount devices for the deck base and the male plug. The stanchions are available in 3 sizes, with tube diameters 66 mm, 45 mm and 32 mm. Moreover, we can offer arc-shaped stanchions, made of chopped carbon fibre, with the same connection system.
The stanchions sizes 66 and 45, and the arc-shaped stanchions, are conceived especially for superyachts, to secure deck areas, helipads, stern platforms and balconies. They are supplied with a clear-coated matte finish but can be painted with a glossy coating or custom colour on request. The size 32 is suitable for smaller yachts. They can be supplied with textile Dyneema® lifelines, compliant with ISAF Offshore Special Regulation 3.14, including splicing and terminals according to the project specifications. The length of the stanchion is available up to 1100 mm.

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  • Innovative technology
  • UV protective clear coating
  • available size Ø 32 mm, Ø 45 mm, Ø 66 mm, arch-shaped
  • custom colour available on request
  • Extremely lightweight and strength
  • Proprietary connection system

Construction  & accessories:

  • pre-preg autoclaved carbon fibre
  • chopped carbon fibre (for arch-shaped stanchion only)
  • AISI 316 fittings
  • Dyneema® lifelines and rigging made on request


part number description material finish family type diameter (mm) weight (g)
Q 3201 deck socket AISI316 polished Q32 M32 x1.5 260
Q 3232 removable stanchion Ø32 Carbon fibre matte Q32 Ø 32
Q 3245 removable stanchion Ø45 Carbon fibre matte Q32 Ø 45
Q 5201 deck socket AISI316 polished Q 52 M52 x1.5 1160
Q 5266  removable stanchion Ø66 AISI316 polished Q 52 Ø 66

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    Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.