Our awning system is an innovative product, that suits every kind of yacht perfectly, from small boats to large superyachts. It comes from the meticulous job of research and development of our technical team.

The awning system by I-Carbon is easy to deploy and remove, it ensures good protection from sunlight and it was conceived to offer a reliable and top-quality product; essential features for marine equipment.

The system is made of some components, realised according to I-Carbon willingness of innovation and technology. It consists of a base with the connection device, to be installed on the boat deck, a pole with the attachment for the shade – single or double, depending on the awning layout – and the awning made of mesh fabric. We commonly use the Soltis 86® canvas, which offers many benefits such as lightness, durability and weather resistance.

The AISI316 stainless steel base is installed flush on the deck. It stands out for the small depth, the light impact on the hull and the quick installation.

The bottom part of the pole is made of AISI316 too and has a patented joining system. The post is connected to the deck base through a threaded pin and once you have firmly screwed the pole it remains free to rotate on its axis. This allows to position the attachment point of the pole towards the awning to get a perfect alignment.

The post is made of prepreg carbon fibre, with multiple layers of unidirectional and bidirectional fibre, with a clear glossy finish and UV protection. The lamination plan is developed by our technical team to get a light and performing product, in terms of strength and stiffness. Indeed we tested our poles to verify the breaking load and bending strength.

The I-Carbon awning system is an innovative product as it comes from a deep investigation and research of our engineers. It is available in different sizes and in various dimensions.
For further information, please take a look at the product page, where you can find any technical detail.

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