Robustness and reliability are two fundamental key points when you conceive marine equipment. For this reason, our team is constantly engaged in the search for the best materials and technology to manufacture long-lasting and reliable products, able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, without giving up the modern and stylish design.

To achieve this goal we chose carbon fibre and titanium; two materials that allow to get light and strong objects, with outstanding design. But the most innovation is in the production process of carbon parts: SMC moulding. This is an industrial process that allows to optimise time and costs and to get a high-end quality.

The material – chopped carbon fibre and resin – is laid onto a plastic carrier film; then it is cut into charges and put into a pre-heated mould under a vertical press. Compared to a traditional method of lamination, compression moulding (look at our previous post) allows to produce a much higher volume of parts in much less time, with strong mechanical features and cost-effectiveness.

Another high-end material in terms of robustness, lightness and corrosion resistance, is titanium. Due to its mechanical features, titanium is widely used for components of race boats, in automotive, aviation and medical appliances, but due to the high cost, it is not commonly used on recreational boats. We use this material to build the structural parts of our cleats, to ensure the best performance and long-lasting durability.

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