I-Carbon, in compliance with the ISO 15085:2023 standard required for boats under 24 metres, has carried out and successfully passed tests to check the tightness of its stanchions, obtaining the relevant Quality certification. This certification represents an added value for all its customers who, in this way, will have at their disposal a recognised document attesting to the compliance of I-Carbon products with the regulations in force.

The ISO 15085:2023 standard requires the stanchion to be at least 600 mm high from the ground and to withstand a horizontal load of 560 N (57.1 Kg).

I-Carbon, therefore, tested a fixed stanchion (33 mm diameter) and a removable stanchion (33 mm diameter) by measuring their deflection with half the applied load and then with the total load. The load was then increased more and more until breaking. Both passed the test, the fixed stanchion yielded at 81 kg, and the removable stanchion at 103 Kg. We also tested a removable stanchion with a bayonet coupling, a diameter of 45 mm, and a height of 1000 mm, which failed at 104 kg.
Two removable boarding poles were also tested although there is no standard reference.
– The handrail with 45 mm tube, h 1000 mm yielded 69.7 Kg
– The handrail with 33 mm tube, h 900 mm yielded 54 Kg

The certificate for the stanchions 33 mm diameter is available HERE

The certificate for the stanchions 45 mm diameter is available HERE

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